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Acquisition and Use of Accessible Educational Materials (AEM)

A link to the Acquisition Flow Chart is provided and demonstrates a comprehensive view for  acquiring a variety of accessible educational materials. Subsequent links contain detailed information acquiring accessible educational materials in more specific formats. Finally, the summary of sources provides information and links to specific resources for acquisition.

Acquisition Flow Chart

Acquire Braille

Acquire Large Print

Acquire Digital Text

Acquire Audio

Sources for Acquiring Accessible Educational Materials

Use of Accessible Educational Materials
Once the multi-disciplinary team or IEP team has selected the specialized accessible format(s) and determined the acquisition process for that format, the team must give consideration to the types of supports needed to facilitate a student's use of the accessible materials in order to meaningfully participate in and access the instructional content.


Supports typically fall into the following categories:

1. What technology may be needed for the student to use the materials effectively? 
2. What training for the student, educators, and family may be needed to meaningfully use the materials 
effectively in and outside the academic setting? 
3. What instructional strategies may be needed to supplement the meaningful use of the materials? 
4. What support services may be needed from service providers to assist engagement with and 
meaningful use of the materials? 
5. What accommodations and/or modifications may be needed in addition to these materials to facilitate 
access to the content?

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